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Built in the 19th century, the mansion originally owned by the aristocratic Gattini family, sits on a panoramic hill above the city of Matera. The structure is surrounded by hundreds of acres of land which was once dedicated to the production of olive oil, wheat and other grains. The cat with a viper in his mouth, visible on the arch of the entrance of the now Masseria Fontana di Vite, is the Gattini crest.

The name, Fontana di Vite or 'Fountain of Lives', is inspired by an old tradition. The story tells of a spring located close to the Masseria, which was once so pure that the laborers living in a village nearby would journey to that spot for its water.

Before the building's 1086 expansion, the structure was comprised of the noble house residency, located on the first floor, and the warehouse with barrel vaults, on the ground floor, which was used to store the wheat. Other rooms around the courtyard were used as wine cellars and small storage depots. In the early 1900s'Fontana di Vite became the property of the entrepreneur Giovanni Lorusso. Under his ownership the farm would be significantly expanded.

The Lorusso family built a chapel, an outdoor oven, two other large warehouses to store tobacco leaves and small houses for the farm workers called "Lamielle" due to the shape of the ceiling with small barrel vaults. At that time Masseria Fontana di Vite transformed into a rural village hosting almost 40 families.

Today the Masseria, and its acres, are owned and run by the Lorusso-Bolettieri family. Following a 2014 restoration project, the renewed building, small houses, and team of multi-discplinary and innovative hospitality professionals have turned the Masseria Fontana di Vite into a destination for anyone looking for a special gateway in the scenic countryside.

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