Contemporary Art in Matera: Museums, Galleries and Foundations

In Matera artists and art curators make wonderful use of the buildings and places. Matera has a rich and vital contemporary art scene, as demonstrated by this list of the city’s contemporary galleries and by the Artist Residency we hosted at Masseria Fontana di Vite.
The Residency is a collaboration between us and the gallerist Carl Kostyal, it was founded to provide a space and home for visual artists from around the world to create art while experiencing Italian life. So, we want to share with you our passion for contemporary artists. SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art The SoutHeritage Foundation sets its cultural projects in historical and symbolic places of the city of Matera and of Basilicata, thus contributing to the vivification of historical-architectural memory of the natural territory. Visit the foundation website to know about projects and exhibitions. Musma, “Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera” MUSMA (Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera), housed in the seventeenth century Palazzo Pomarici, is the only museum entirely dedicated to Italian sculpture. The museum makes wonderful use of the building, the exhibition is spread over four hypogeum, two floors and courts, all dedicated to exhibiting contemporary sculpture. The “Great Exhibitions in the Sassi” Matera has a great feeling with the sculpture exhibitions. It comes from the “Great Exhibitions in the Sassi” managed from 1978 by the cultural association “La Scaletta” and staged in the rocky churches of Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci. At the moment you can visit the exhibition “Salvador Dalí. La persistenza degli opposti”. Momart Gallery, spazio creativo nei Sassi Momart Gallery is in the heart of Sassi and is a vibrant place of experimentation, innovation and art research. This space hosts residencies and visitors are allowed to witness up close the process of an artist at work. Talks and seminars are also held. The Sculpture Park “La Palomba” The Sculpture Park "La Palomba" was an initiative of the artist Antonio Paradiso, who created a permanent exhibition of his works in an exhausted tuff quarry. It is located on the trunk road SS 7 Appia in "La Palomba", an area where there are several tuff quarries. The exhibition makes wonderful use of the space. If you love art and sculpture you must visit it.
Do you like contemporary art? Reserve your holiday in Matera and enjoy museums and galleries.

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Here at the Masseria we want you to live all the best Italian experiences, that’s why we have created a list of activities you might want to try whilst in Matera.



We love to share our traditional recipes. Giuseppe, our lovely chef will teach you how to prepare our typical dishes in the most authentic way and provide you with the ingredients necessary to recreate the experience once you return home.


BOOK YOUR PIC-NIC in the country fields.

You’ll be able to have a lunch experience in the Masseria fileds. Our chef Giuseppe will prepare a pic-nic hamper full of delicious traditional food. Place your booking though our reception desk.



We will escort you through a beautiful walk in our own olive grove. Experience the olive harvesting process with your own hands and take home a bottle of our extra virgin olive oil  (only available for 2 weeks between October and November).



Book a walking tour to discover the most important part of the Sassi of Matera, the famous rocks that strongly characterize this town. You'll see Sasso Caveoso, Piano area, Sasso Barisano, then visit the cellars, the natural caves, the cisterns, the baroque Romanesque churches and the Rupestrian churches. Follow the steps of your expert guide through the places where some famous movies were made. For instance, you'll see the locations of Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' and James Bond! Did you know that the 'City of Stones' is considered one of the oldest in the world? Matera is an authentic open-air museum.



Visit the most picturesque villages of Puglia, like Ostuni,  located on the foothills of the Murge plateau. Also known as the White City because of the characteristic color of its houses. Ostuni rises to over 200 meters above sea level and has spectacular views. Alberobello, the trulli village, is a UNESCO world heritage site: the trulli are remarkable examples of drywall (mortar less) construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in this region. The trulli are made of roughly worked limestone boulders, collected from neighboring fields. Characteristically, they feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built up of corbelled limestone slabs. Stone street, calm plazas and mystical sea caves make Polignano a Mare one of the most charming coastal towns in Italy. You can also enjoy some of the best gelato over here!



An unusual way to visit one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the world on boars of an exciting and vintage Ape Calessino. It’s great fun to be transported on this atypical vehicle which used to be so popular two decades ago.



Discover the beauty of Southern Italy on two wheels! From one-day biking experiences with our expert guides and dedicated support vehicle to week-long cycling adventures in Basilicata and Puglia, we do it all.



If you prefer discover this beautiful land by Quad we can help you renting one for a day or more



Matera’s breathtaking landscape makes it a top global destination for balloon flights. The terrific flying conditions allow for amazing views of the spectacular landscapes. You’ll float through impressive valleys and canyons.  


Above the Lucanian Dolomites, in the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the tops of two small towns, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa let you make and live a unique experience: the Angel Flight. It’s an attractor, a new concept, which make you feel a great experience of the environmental heritage, a new offer of of leisure and recreation, for who  seek new emotions. An adventure in contact with nature and with a unique landscape, discovering the soul of this land.

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