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If you change or cancel your reservation, you earn 20% for your future stay.

How it works:  

1. Book your stay (May, 15th to August, 10th) and get your 20% discount. For example, you could book the stay for an amount of €150,00 at the price of €120,00, obtaining the discount.  

2. Modify or cancel without penalty up to 3 days before your arrival and earn. If you change or cancel your travel, you’ll receive a voucher for the amount of your reservation without the discount. For example, we’ll give you a voucher of €150,00, not €120,00.  

3. Use your voucher, valid for 18 months, for a new booking. You can use your voucher as credit for your new stay and our services or as a deposit for your new reservation.  

The Relax rate is prepaid and non-refundable in cash. 

You could also book by mail.  

We are waiting for you!