Contemporary Art in Matera: Museums, Galleries and Foundations

In Matera artists and art curators make wonderful use of the buildings and places. Matera has a rich and vital contemporary art scene, as demonstrated by this list of the city’s contemporary galleries and by the Artist Residency we hosted at Masseria Fontana di Vite.
The Residency is a collaboration between us and the gallerist Carl Kostyal, it was founded to provide a space and home for visual artists from around the world to create art while experiencing Italian life. So, we want to share with you our passion for contemporary artists. SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art The SoutHeritage Foundation sets its cultural projects in historical and symbolic places of the city of Matera and of Basilicata, thus contributing to the vivification of historical-architectural memory of the natural territory. Visit the foundation website to know about projects and exhibitions. Musma, “Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera” MUSMA (Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera), housed in the seventeenth century Palazzo Pomarici, is the only museum entirely dedicated to Italian sculpture. The museum makes wonderful use of the building, the exhibition is spread over four hypogeum, two floors and courts, all dedicated to exhibiting contemporary sculpture. The “Great Exhibitions in the Sassi” Matera has a great feeling with the sculpture exhibitions. It comes from the “Great Exhibitions in the Sassi” managed from 1978 by the cultural association “La Scaletta” and staged in the rocky churches of Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci. At the moment you can visit the exhibition “Salvador Dalí. La persistenza degli opposti”. Momart Gallery, spazio creativo nei Sassi Momart Gallery is in the heart of Sassi and is a vibrant place of experimentation, innovation and art research. This space hosts residencies and visitors are allowed to witness up close the process of an artist at work. Talks and seminars are also held. The Sculpture Park “La Palomba” The Sculpture Park "La Palomba" was an initiative of the artist Antonio Paradiso, who created a permanent exhibition of his works in an exhausted tuff quarry. It is located on the trunk road SS 7 Appia in "La Palomba", an area where there are several tuff quarries. The exhibition makes wonderful use of the space. If you love art and sculpture you must visit it.
Do you like contemporary art? Reserve your holiday in Matera and enjoy museums and galleries.

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Natural Hikes and Attractions in Matera: the Murgia Suspended Bridge and the CEA

10 December 2020

If you are visiting Matera for the first time you will notice the outstanding space all around the city: the Murgia plateau.
Masseria Fontana di Vite is located in this area, we know it very well and we usually suggest visiting it in order to know something more about Matera and its surroundings.

The Suspended Bridge: from Sassi to the Heart of the Murgia

Matera has some patches of Murgia plateau to walk in. It can be tricky to decide where to go. That’s where an area of outstanding natural beauty comes in. It is quiet, pretty, and perfect to take a hike. Furthermore, there are lots of rocky churches, important archeological sites, such as Neolithic bounded villages, and other sites of historical, artistic and cultural interest, very important for better understanding the area and the story of Matera.

If you wander to hike there is a trekking path which allows you to reach Murgia Timone and Belvedere leaving from Sassi. This path crosses the Gravina Canyon. Thanks to a suspended bridge you can explore part of the Murgia Materana and appreciate its charm and complexity. There’s a huge choice of rocky churches and sites to visit, but for starters, go and follow the 6 kilometers walk. The path is in a special conservation laws area and it is under control to preserve its natural beauty, consequently, you will need a reservation to walk in it.

The Murgia Park and the Environmental Education Centre

There are also other ways to visit and explore the Murgia Plateau.
The CEA (Environmental Education Centre) is the perfect base to explore the Murgia Plateau. It is housed inside the Jazzo Gattini, that is a former sheep enclosure, dates back to the Nineteenth Century.
Jazzo Gattini and the CEA centre are points of reference for the access to the Park and a contact with the surrounding area.

Masseria Fontana di Vite allows you to spend your holiday in a quiet and pretty place surrounded by nature.
At the moment we can’t travel, but we can use technologies to explore the places we don’t know and to plan our next trips.

We can’t wait to meet you again.

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